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ILS Logistic Integrated support is a necessary and important part of systems engineering.
It assures that the reliability and availability requirements for a product are well defined and that they are not forgotten during the design of the product.


To be able to guarantee that the reliability and availability called for are complying with original expectations, it is necessary to carry out the corresponding analyses during the distinct phases of design and in all the levels in which the product may be broken down.

Engloble offers the creation and monitoring of a reliability plan that includes:

  • The definition of the requirements,
  • The distribution of these requirements among the different levels in which the system has been divided,
  • The definition and execution of the specific analyses that evaluate how well the requirements are being fulfilled,
  • The design of solutions and practices (choice of component,  redundancy localization, etc.) to fulfil these requirements.


Engineers and mechanics for maintenance and technical aid to the client.