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Mechanical Design:

  • Design:
    • With experience in CATIAAUTOCADPro-ENGINEERUNIGRAPHICSI-DEAS,CADDS5, applied to the design of components and mechanical, hydraulic and neumatic systems
  • Structure calculation:
    • With experience in NASTRANPATRANANSYS finite element programs applied to the calculation of structures and other components
  • Delineation:
    • With experience in commercial drawing software (CATIAAUTOCAD, etc) as well as in international delineation rules for industrial and aeronautic sectors

On-board avionics:

  • System Engineers:
    • With knowledge in MIL-STD-1553BARINC-429 and RS-422-485, based BUS architectures, CMM´s and ATLAS manual and automatic test benches, Study and Design of hardware and integration solutions with the automatic (RSX and OpenVMS) and manual test bench software applications
  • On-board SW Analysts and Designers
    • For the analysis, design and development of on-board real-time SW, in CC++ADA and diverse assemblers. All of them in different development environments. Avionics SW test specialists for the integration and validation tests

Cluster Design and Parallel Computing:

Clusters design with Linux, through local area networks with Myrinet product based switching technologies. This allows us to take advantage of existing machines (PCs) and a simple LAN. Using 10 Gbps communication cards and the right configuration, Englobe provides parallel computing solutions for research, calculation and biotechnology environments with a great cost saving, avoiding the purchase of dedicated servers since using existing machines and networks.


Mobile telephony, Access, Switching, Planning, Management and Exploiting of Networks, Antennas,UMTSGPRSGSM, satellite, voice and data transmission, Internet, Intranet, Protocols, System Tests


Specification, Analysis, Application Development, real-time, configuration management, environments, system validation and integration, Administration, Databases, Maintenance